Mid-century modern inspired TV stand

Since I had purchased a new TV when I moved into my apartment, I needed a new stand to go with it. I wanted to try to build something that was mid-century-modern-esque. Pretty simple but it’s all I know how to do at the moment. Glad I like the style!

I did a little work in SketchUp to get an idea of size and look.


I decided to build the box out of birch plywood and connect everything using dowels and glue.

After I had acquired all of the wood from Home Depot, I cut what I needed and began drilling the dowel holes with the Joint Crafter Dowel Jig I bought.


First dowel hole ever!


Once I got the hang of how to drill the holes, I began measuring and drilling holes for all of the vertical pieces.


This took some time but I finally got all of the holes drilled.


Here is the base with the three vertical pieces installed.


The next step was to put the top on. I made a mistake with drilling the dowel holes for the middle support. This made it so I couldn’t put the top on. I had to remove the dowels from the middle support and just use glue. Oops.


I used wood putty to fill the imperfections in my joints. I don’t know if I used the wrong kind or didn’t sand enough but when I stained it dried slightly lighter than the wood. Oops again.


Here you can see the stand with one coat of stain.


Here you can see that I didn’t wipe the glue off well enough in my construction phase. The stain didn’t adhere to it well at all. Oops for a third time. I didn’t try to fix this because I was impatient.


I ended up moving ahead with applying the polyurethane (about a week later).



After the polyurethane was dry I started to think about where I wanted the legs.


I was nervous to drill into the wood but it turned out fine. Added a fifth leg in the middle for more support.


And done! I think it looks great with the TV and it turned out pretty much how I wanted it. I did make a lot of mistakes and probably wouldn’t use plywood again, but I’m still pretty happy.


Project cost: $115 (including the cost of the dowel jig)
Project time: 3-4 weeks

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