Oak speaker stands

One of the main things I learned from this project is that I love working with oak. So much better than pine!

As usual, I bought all of the wood at Home Depot. The first step was to cut all of the pieces down to size. That consisted of two tops, two bases and six vertical pieces.

Here you can see the stained vertical pieces, placed out to dry.


These are the tops and bottoms being stained. They each took a total of two coats of stain. I learned the importance of good sanding during this step.


Here are the tops and bottom pieces both stained with two coats. Drying.


After everything was stained and varnished (something I found out that I really dislike doing), I began the assembly.


Each vertical column consists of three pieces. The two edge pieces and a center piece. The wire management PVC conduit runs along the back of the center piece to hide the speaker wire.


This is a great shot of all of the components involved.


This is a shot of the vertical column structure. I sanded the three pieces down with my new DeWalt
Orbital sander to get a nice, flat surface for attaching to the top and bottom.


Three counter-sunk drill holes for screws which will eventually be used to connect the top to the vertical column. This is one of my least favorite aspects of the project. I just don’t like how you can see these. Maybe I should have used dowels for a cleaner finish? Since the speaker rests over this though I guess it’s not the end of the world.

Here is the bottom with the feet attached. There are also three drill holes for connecting to the vertical column.


This is the final product! This view is from the back, looking up at the wire management.


This is a view of the wire management conduit near the bottom. Notice the wire is completely hidden. Cool.


View from the front of the completed stand.


Project timeline: 3 weeks
Project cost: $65

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