Slat nightstands

The next project that I wanted to tackle were two nightstands for either side of my bed. I originally was going to build them to be similar in style as my TV stand. However, I was on the web and I saw some pictures of slat benches that I loved the look of. I thought I could do them out of pine for relatively cheap.

This project would require my dowel jig that I had bought for my TV stand project. It would also require some new fasteners (for the legs) in which I had no idea existed until I did some online and offline research.

After I bought the wood at Home Depot I used my brother’s miter saw to cut all the pieces to their correct size as well as their slight angled edges.

Then I began drilling all of the necessary dowel holes. Since my jig was larger than the wood I was drilling into, it wouldn’t center correctly. I had to use some scrap pieces to get a larger area to center the jig with.


Drilling dowel holes into the edge pieces:



Once everything was drilled I placed everything together to see how it fit. I then drilled the counter-sink holes using the new counter-sink bit I bought for this project. I was also worried how I was going to space each slat correctly (1/4 inch) until I realized that I could just use the 1/4 inch dowels that I had bought. This worked out perfectly!


Used the stain that I had used on the previous TV stand project. Everything gets its first coat of stain.

Everything gets a second coat of stain.


The next step was to apply the polyurethane.


I then drilled holes for the leg hardware, aka the T-Nuts. These are the items that I didn’t know existed until I looked at how some other furniture was built. In the picture you can see that the T-Nuts were actually installed backwards and therefore didn’t hold the legs properly! Oops. I didn’t know this at the time and got really frustrated and ended up just using the same leg mounts I used on my TV stand. So, one stand has the TV stand brackets and one has the T-Nuts.


Using the T-Nuts makes it so you can see the leg hardware and it’s also really strong!


And here it is completed:


Project cost: $50
Project time: 2 weeks

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