Stand-up desk

I wanted to build something with the new Kreg 8.25 in. Mini Jig Pocket Hole Kit I got. The only thing I could think to make at the time was a stand-up desk. This isn’t a standalone desk mind you. It’s meant to sit on an existing desk.

The legs and cross-beams are made of poplar. The desk portion is made from 1/2 inch pine plywood.

I usually start a project by going into SketchUp and getting a rough idea of what I want. This step generally takes me a couple hours as I’m pretty bad with that program.

Once I have the general design, I figure out what wood I need and then begin the build. Here you can see a test of the Kreg pocket hole jig. This is my first pocket hole ever!


Once I had all of the pocket holes drilled, I began screwing the legs and cross-beams together.


In addition to the pocket holes, I applied glue to all of the joints as well. I held things together with clamps. From there I kept drilling in the screws.


Here it is with the legs complete and me holding the top to give an idea of what it would look like.


Finally, here are a couple images of it painted and stained in my office. The top can be adjusted by about four inches depending on the height of the desk it’s on.


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